What is the Length of my Eligibility?

Your full or conditional eligibility to use East Bay Paratransit service is effective for a period of five (5) years. You must reapply after five (5) years to continue service. Reapplication is required even when your disability is permanent and not expected to change. East Bay Paratransit will send instructions to you on how to reapply before your eligibility expires. If you are found temporarily eligible, your letter will state the period during which you may use East Bay Paratransit services. 

If I am not found to be eligible, can I appeal?

Some applicants will be denied eligibility if their disabilities do not prevent them from using regular AC Transit buses or BART services. Applicants who have been denied have the right to appeal the decision. Applicants who receive limited or temporary eligibility may also appeal to request full eligibility. Information about making an appeal is included in the eligibility determination letter East Bay Paratransit sends you when your eligibility is determined.

Who is eligible?

East Bay Paratransit is only available to people who are prevented from using regular transit like AC Transit’s or BART’s regular service, independantly, due to a disability or health-related condition. Regulations for eligibility come from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

In order to be eligible for the service, you must complete a written application and arrange for an in-person interview at our offices. Bring your completed application with you. In some cases, your health care professional will be contacted for more information.

The above is true whether you are a new applicant for East Bay Paratransit services or you are recertifying. Reapplication is required even when your disability is permanent and unchanging. East Bay Paratransit will send instructions ot you on how ot reapply before your eligibility expires.

How do I apply?

Click here to download a copy of the ADA Application plus the instructions you will need, depending on whether you are a new applicant for service or a recertifying applicant. After you complete the ADA application, call our office at (510) 287-5000 and select option 5 to setup your interview. Alternatively, you can call or send an email to us.eastbaycertification@transdev.com to request an ADA application and instructions.
If you are unable to fill out the form yourself, you can call us at (510) 287-5000 for assistance. 

What happens after I’ve been interviewed?

You will receive a letter from East Bay Paratransit advising you of whether or not you are eligible for paratransit services. If you are eligible, your letter will tell you which one of the following three ways you are eligible:
  • Full eligibility. You may take all your trips on East Bay Paratransit.
  • Conditional (Limited) eligibility. You may use paratransit for some trips, but not ones you are able to take on AC Transit or BART.
  • Temporary eligibility. You can use paratransit, for a specific length of time, after which you are expected to be able to use AC Transit and BART.

If the eligibility process takes longer than 21 days, the applicant will be presumptively eligible to use the service until a final determination is made. 

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